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G2 MBC BoostValve kits for  VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda. A3, A4, TT, Beetle, Golf, Jetta, Bora, Passat Polo, Ibiza, Octavia, Cupra, Leon. 1.9L & 2.0L TDI and 1.8T

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TDI Boost spike is a major issue with the VNT diesel turbo system.  Back pressure or excess fuel can cause the boost to rise faster than the VNT turbo's vanes can react,compounding this problem is the soot that tends to accumulate with age and causes restrictions in the catalytic converter or exhaust   Spike and surge can cause the ECU to react by pulling out timing from the motor, this results in lower torque output and drive-ability issues.. By installing the TDI BoostValve this excess boost can be reduced.
The VNT BoostValve setup is not intended to raise max boost but to control spike/surge and effectively give better control of the turbo's waste-gate.
 No more surging or dangerous boost spikes.

1.8T Our boost controllers for the VW 1.8L Turbo  reduces turbocharger lag and increases engine power at lower RPMs.  Simple and quick way to improve your turbo car's power, this kit allows you to improve even stock turbo boost performance or go for high power with more boost.  Also an  easy way to limit your engine's boost and save gas, or dial up the boost and have maximum turbo boost power. Complete kit Includes a high quality, BoostValve boost controller and all necessary hoses and fittings to install in your car.

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Over-boost solution BoostValve kit


BoostValve VW 1.8T Over Boost kit

  • Works with chipped ECUs.
  •  Eliminate limp mode and over boost problems.
  • Fixes turbo Surging.
  • Easy adjustable boost levels.
  • This kit includes all the parts you need to eliminate the spikes and lower peak your car's boost due to a chipped ECU over boost.
  • more info and install photos

1.8T MBC BoostValve kit

  • BoostValve kit for the 1999.5 and up Drive-by-Wire throttle Volkswagen & Audi cars and also early cable throttle.
  • (VW New Beetle, Golf, GTI, Jetta, Passat. Audi A4, TT, S3, SEAT 20V, Skoda and simlilar)
  • This is the kit to order if you want to increase boost pressure or eliminate the N75 factory boost solenoid.
  • Easy to set your desired peak boost level
  • Fully adjustable
  • more info and install photos

TDI BoostValve kit

  • Volkswagen / Audi 1.9L & 2.0L  TDI VNT
  • Complete Boostvalve kit for (99.5-03) VAG turbo diesels with the rotary pump VNT turbocharger and Also fits (04+) 1.9L PD's & 2.0L.
  •  This custom kit includes proper boost range high pressure springs (16+ PSI and 25+ PSI).
  • Easy to adjust your peak boost pressure lower and save gas and also extend the life of your turbo
  • Non vented design exclusively for VNT turbo systems
  • Eliminates low RPM over boost problems and surge.
  • more info and install photo
    VAG 1.9L & 2.0L VNT Turbo Diesel

    (99-03 Rotary Pump and 04-up PD )

    2.0L  Audi A4 & Passat  Longitudinal
    kit includes:

    longer hoses and higher stock boost

Early non VNT TDI  BoostValve kit

  • Boostvalve kit for early A3 & B4(96-99)1.9L VW turbo diesels and VW's converted to conventional pressure controlled wastegates.
  • Works with standard wastegate actuated VW diesels
  • NOT for use with newer VNT systems.

Have you always wanted an easy way to have
 2 boost settings?

High Boost preset
Low Boost preset

 2 stage BoostValve kits

Our best 2 stage turbo boost controller.  Reduces turbo lag and increases engine power at lower RPMs.  Simple and quick way to improve your turbo car's power, this kit allows you to select between stock turbo boost and a high performance setting using the Boostvalve Motorsport boost controller. Easy way to limit your engine's boost and save gas, and then with a flip of a switch have maximum turbo boost power. Complete kit Includes a high quality,  maintenance free industrial 12 volt pneumatic switching solenoid, Boostvalve boost controller and all necessary hoses, fittings and clamps to install in your car.

2-stage 1.8T BoostValve kit

    Motorsport 2 stage
    Boostvalve kit
  • $159.99
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